• Location: 13 Quinsboro Rd, Bray Co Wicklow
  • (Opp Bray Post Office - Convenient Parking)

Treatment Price Listing for 2018

Exam Check Up €50 Root Canal Treatment – Front Teeth €300
Exam, Scale & Polish €100 Root Canal Treatment – Premolars €350
Scale & Polish (with Medical Card exam) €60 Root Canal Treatment – Molars €450
Exam, Scale & Polish (with PRSI exam ) €15 Crowns – Porcelain with Metal €540
Prescription €25 Crowns – All Porcelain/Zirconia €540
Fillings (White/Silver) €100 – €130 Bridge €500 per unit
Extraction – Simple €80 – €120 Whitenings Home Kit €190
Extraction – Surgical €120 – €250 Implants & Crowns from €2.000


Why Quinsboro Dental should be your first choice of Dentist in Bray

At Quinsboro Dental Clinic, or philosophy is to provide an excellent service to our customer at affordable and fair pricing. Quinsboro Dentist Bray welcomes private patients and medical card holders alike.

Our prices are significantly lower than other clinics. It’s not all about pricing, we know that. But fair pricing with no reduction in quality and service matters, and nowadays it matters a lot. We know that if we deliver a great service at a price that you can afford, then our reputation will spread, and if you need our service again, then you will come back.

So call by for a check up today. We will be delighted to meet you.


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