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Safe and Legal Teeth Whitening

Today (Oct 7th 2013) we see another report warning the public about illegal teeth whitening procedures. The Daily Mail (mailonline.co.uk) reports that some Tooth Whitening procedures which involve applying concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide (a bleaching agent) to the teeth has been declared illegal by the EU.

The ruling first came into force this time last year and warnings have been issued by the Irish Dental Association earlier this year, when some practices were unable to provide details of the concentration of chemicals in use for their teeth whitening procedures.

Dr Feeney of the IDA quoted:

“We are very concerned at the latest revelations. The purpose of the new Cosmetics’ Directive was to properly regulate the whole tooth whitening sector and to put an end to unregulated operators, in the interests of patient safety.  Many of the tooth whitening shops claim rapid success in the bleaching process but are extremely reluctant to disclose the active ingredient in the gels they apply. This would raise suspicions that illegal concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are being used as rapid one visit tooth bleaching is not possible with legal concentrations”,

The ban covers tooth whitening that uses Hydrogen Peroxide in concentrations of over 6%. Products that contain between 0.1% and up to 6% can only be administered first to a patient by a dentist and then must be prescribed by a dentist. Tooth Whitening can also only be offered to patients over 18 years of age.

I have never been an advocate of the accelerated form of teeth whitening – which is performed in surgeries using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and often in combination with a laser light, which is believed to add more intensity to the treatment. Tooth and gum sensitivity has been the main short term effect, and is often very severe. While this has been an extremely popular treatment – the long term effects are also not known, and in my opinion present the risk of potential long term damage to teeth and gums.

At Quinsboro Dental Surgery – we offer a safe and legal method of teeth whitening. The product we use contains only 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. We conduct a short trial on each patient to ensure that sensitivity will not be a problem and give very careful instructions on use and diet recommendations, so you get the most out of your whitening.”

The results that we get form this safe and legal method are the same as the rapid “one visit method” – it does take a little longer to see the results but we know that it safe and this is our priority.

Our teeth whitening treatment costs €160 which includes your home kit

Read the IDA article on new Tooth Whitening Regulations here

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Dr Cecilia Galli

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