• Location: 13 Quinsboro Rd, Bray Co Wicklow
  • (Opp Bray Post Office - Convenient Parking)

General Dental Care

Today it has been proven that teeth that are looked after can last a lifetime. The best and cheapest way to do it is through prevention. It just takes a couple of minutes twice a day to brush thoroughly and correctly, and floss in between teeth.

It is important to ensure that plaque (made up of bacterias, rests of food and saliva) is removed from teeth and gums. And plaque is removed with a soft brush. That is all it takes.

At Quinsboro Dental we will endeavour to get your teeth and gums up to peak standard, and then give you all the tips and advice you need to keep them healthy and functional.

Call us and come in for a FREE demonstration on how to brush and floss correctly.

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